Problems with the Newborn Lamb -- Entropion. Presented by Adam Henson. 4 years ago

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This is an excerpt from the third DVD in the "Sheep on your Smallholding" series -- "The Breeding Flock". Adam and vet Mike Glover discuss some of the problems that can affect a newborn lamb, and in this clip shows how to rectify Entropion, or "turned-in-eyelid", a common affliction. The full programme is available on DVD from The Smallholder Series web site.

Expert: Mike Glover MA VetMB, CertSHP MRCVS
Bio: Mike holds a RCVS Certificate in Sheep Health and Production, and established SW Sheep Breeding Services in 1989 as part of Horsepond Veterinary Centre. He has subsequently helped build up a team with a special interest in sheep medicine and reproduction. Mike is a longstanding member of the Sheep Veterinary Society, and has served as a committee member of the SVS and as an examiner for the RCVS Certificate in Sheep Health and Production.