Interview with Palestinian Ambassador Manuel Hassassian Part 1 6 years ago

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Alternate Focus recently spoke with Ambassador Manuel Hassassian, the head of the Palestinian general delegation to the United Kingdom. Born in
Jerusalem, Hassassian received his PhD in political science from the
University of Cincinnati. He spent 25 years as a professor of political
science and international relations at Bethlehem University and has served
as a visiting scholar at universities across Europe and the United States.
He has served as the president of UNESCO's
Palestinian-European-American-Cooperation in Education program, known as the PEACE program. Hassassian has published over 100 reviews, articles and chapters on topics ranging from Palestinian political culture to civic society and Palestinian refugees. He has also represented and served as a consultant for the PLO in numerous negotiations. We spoke with the ambassador about a range of issues, from the Arab Spring to the feasibility of a two-state solution.



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