Freedom Defender 3 months ago


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This satirical tower-defense game complains about the criminalization of immigrants in first world countries. Since the beginning of its development, the title has experienced many obstacles due to it’s controversial main topic.

In this game you command 20 units of the noble citizens of the United Freedom Country of Arsholes (UFCA) to stop the filthy enemies of Liberty who come from all around Planet Dearth. Fight against 40 different types of enemies belonging to Hexican, Burub and Commy ethnic groups, and prevent them from invading your well-deserved territory. Use as many different weapons as possible to not let this happen!

Freedom Defender contains 40 levels and different difficulty settings to challenge both casual and hardcore gamers. Apart from the classic tower-defense playability, the game also incorporates minigames based on gambling, driving vehicles and old-school shooting. Two new features will be included in the very near future –endless survival mode and PvP multiplayer.