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Candy Squad is a fun and fantastic blend of candy munching monsters, lollipops and magic hammer-clobbering action in VR that virtually anyone can play. People with limited use of their arms or hands will appreciate the game’s unique controllerless interface, expanding the market of gamers to millions who have never been catered to before.

Players join the Candy Squad, acting as heroic defenders of the Candy Realm where they catch candy and lollipops to clobber, smash, and explode the evil Chomps. It’s an action packed puzzle experience with lots of ways to win. As players defeat the invasions, they unlock new puzzles, tools, and enemies.

Pricing and availability

Candy Squad is an early-access game, available on Oculus Store for Gear VR, Daydream Store, and Google App Store and Viveport for Cardboard  for two weeks at the launch sale price of $3.99, and will be priced at $7.99 throughout the early access period. For more information, please go to:  The full version is expected to hit market in Q3 of 2017.



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