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Please, do your part now at

Make your tax-deductible contribution to Alternate Focus now to get us toward our goal of $10,000 by March 31st. Not only will you be supporting independent media, you will have the opportunity to help decide which program we produce next. Please, give and vote now at

For nearly eight years, Alternate Focus has been bringing interviews and documentaries to the American public that challenge the views about the Middle East that are heard throughout the mainstream press. Ilan Pappe, Ali Abunimah, Norman Finkelstein, Johan Galtung, Hanan Ashrawi, Miko Peled and Diana Buttu are just some of the courageous and thoughtful people whose voices have been heard on Alternate Focus recently. Your support now makes it possible for more of these voices to be heard.

Alternate Focus exists because the mainstream press ignores far too many stories and injustices in the Middle East. We provide a platform for people to speak about the realities on the ground in Palestine, Iraq, Egypt and elsewhere. Our programs on Free Speech TV, cable television, YouTube and Blip TV would not be possible without the support of of viewers like you.