BLAH BLAH LAND (La La Land Parody) 6 months ago

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A SeventhGrade X ShutUpAndDance Collab :)

I first watched La La Land back in September of last year at the Zurich Film Festival and it blew my mind--I related so much to the artistic struggles of the characters, their bittersweet relationship, and of course wanted to jump out of my chair the entire time to sing and dance with them!!! Yasssss let's bring Gene Kelly/Fred Astaire-esque musicals back!!! They've been one of my biggest influences and I hope this next generation still gets exposed to the OG greats! So thank you Chuck and Geo for writing such a funny parody of this wonderful film!

I can't even begin to thank this phenomenal cast and crew for embarking on this crazy journey with me and the witty-saucy-cool SeventhGrade duo!!! This was an ambitious little parody and I can safely say I experienced one of my happiest moments of life dancing/acting/singing with such caring old and new friends who also happen to be world class talent NBD. The energy was unimaginably passionate and I am forever grateful. Also, what a learning experience!!! Proud to say we've been challenged immensely and hence grew a lot :)

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