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Zombidle: Remonstered, the addictive F2P zombie Idle RPG available on Steam for Windows PC, just released “The Land of Turtles’,” a limited time event developed in collaboration with GonzoSSM, an artist, animator and Flash game designer since 2007 with nearly 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. GonzoSSM is most widely known for creating the popular online games Toss the Turtle and Super Toss the Turtle.

In addition to being able to pillage and plunder for phat loot and tasty brains in Zombidle: Remonstered, “The Land of Turtles” adds a brand new map, new items, a new scaling boss and loads more of new things to destroy and people to torment! Oh and there’s lots of turtles, of course (help there’s too many).



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