Cactus [Action Film] 7 months ago

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Persistence. Resilience. Passion.

The story behind "Cactus:" I had just auditioned for the Disney live action Mulan and was really inspired to train in martial arts, and I've always wanted to do an action piece! Due to some deadlines, we had 2 weeks from conception of idea to the final edit. I trained with Mark Poletti (who plays the villain I fight in the piece), a fantastic martial artist, every single day for a week and a half and this was the fruits of our labor. I did all my own stunts and really have the best team imaginable to thank for getting this piece made in lightning speed, without sacrificing quality.

Since this project, I've been inspired to continue my training in martial arts, and I just received my orange belt at the National Wushu Training Center (shout out to Coach Matt!)

The theme revolving around the cactus, or desert flower, was in part inspired by the grueling side of the artistic pursuit. We as actors get rejected sometimes hundreds of times a year and continue picking ourselves back up over and over, and because we love our art so much, we keep going. This piece serves as a reminder to myself of the resilience it takes to make a film, to grow as an artist, to book that dream project that allows me to tell the story I want; to portray characters the world needs to hear from, etc. It's a piece about perseverance.

I'm so happy we can now release it on YouTube. It'll also be screening at DisOrient Film Festival 2017 in Eugene, Oregon in April!

Julie Zhan
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Directed By:

Wilder Herms

Written By:

Julie Zhan

Wilder Herms

Mark Poletti
Snapchat: wushumark

Cinematography By:

Luke Dejoras

Produced By:

Sarah Paek

Wilder Herms

Julie Zhan

Executive Produced By:

Julie Zhan


Julie Zhan

Mark Poletti

Devin White

Christine Minji Chang
Snapchat: minjeeeezy

Ashley Tsunoda

Austin McAllister

Edited By:

Guiermo “gMo” Cuellar
Snapchat: red_kanji

Music By:

Robert Trusko

Hair and Make Up By:

Stephen Bowman

Wardrobe and Make Up By:

Ashley Tsunoda

Fight Choreography By:

Mark Poletti

Boom Operator:

Oscar Ho

Camera Assistant:

Ryan Fung

Stunt Supervisor/Production Assistant:

DY Sao